Welcome to island paradise!!!



Inspired by the lush and richly historic islands of the Cyclades, I teach group and private yoga classes “off the mat,” meaning that our joyful practice need not be confined to a gym or studio space, but can be explored in even more depth out-of-doors or wherever we find most inviting– in 25 to 90 minute sessions, expertly designed to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and revitalized.

~the light in me honors the light in you~


Yoga = Union

The word yoga shares its roots with the English word "yoke" and means union. This union specifically refers to joining breathing –inhale with exhale – in harmony with movements of the body.


The practice of yoga is thousands of years old and originated in India, where it was believed that certain exercises facilitated both the body and mind’s ability to sit still in meditation for up to hours (or even days!) at a time. 



Gathering sunshine and gradual growth are the ways of the trees, Earth’s great sages.


Suryanamaskar, meaning “to greet the sun in Sanskrit, is an ancient set of body postures, exercises, and stretches from India, all choreographed to the music of the rising sun. The movements are gentle, liberating, and, with modifications, suitable to everybody. 

If actions speak louder than words, the wisdom of trees– who give food and homes and oxygen to an innumerable plethora of creatures, including humans– has spoken volumes to me. That's why, taking the trees' exemplary advice, I teach and practice yoga, gradually.


Taking Our Time

An unhurried way of doing things or simply relaxed way of beingthe way of the sequoia, the way of the snail, the way of the sediment and sustainable settlements everywhere is equally accessible and appropriate for anybody, as well!


Don't you love when life falls into balance? 


Anyone can find her or his own perfect alignment. That feeling of everything coming into its right place even carries with it a sound –a click or an ah and, in the blink of an eye, we can breathe easier.


This is our transformation– into who we really are, based on what we deeply desire– and it's essential to everyone's journey. 


Traveling the world has taught me that from patience and time and motion come satisfying changes...


Thank you for allowing me to be a guide on your inner voyage!


~ namaste ~

~ the light in me honors the light in you ~